I'm a Summoning tank, in dire need of charms.

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I'm a Summoning tank, in dire need of charms. They take too much time to get in my, and I really don't have any friends prepared to lootshare theirs. So, I'm offering to RuneScape gold cover (per Charm). I would prefer if we could do it at the Chaos Tunnels, since it's all multicombat and has a wide variety of monsters. I would prefer to lootshare in the following creatures: Ice Giants/Ice Warriors - Easily one-shotted with melee, really superior drop% of Gold Rush.

Moss Giants - Moderate Gold Rush fall speed, incredibly simple to kill. Fire Giants - Great Gold Charm drop speed. Giant Cave Bugs - Frankly not worthwhile over 50 percent chance of a Green Charm, however they are level 96. Baby Black Dragons - 1 in 4 drop rate for Green Charms. Fire Elementals - Level 35, decent Crimson Charm droprate. Prices may very, depending on the combat level of the monster, but the average price I'll cover is: Gold Charms: 2k to 3k gp per Charm. Green Charms: 1k to 3k gp per Charm. Crimson Charms: 3k to 5k gp per Charm Blue Tooth: 6k gp per Charm.

I am on my way for a Magic Skillcape (untrimmed), and might prefer a suggested outfit. It would be best if the outfit were under 2M, but indicate anything - It will go towards my list of items to store up for. I do not have to worry about wearing the hood, but if you believe that it goes nicely with the ensemble, just list it. Thank you beforehand, guys. Also, feel free to suggest quest items. Simply not stuff like Mobilising Armies Rewards:grindteeth: Truly, I despise that Minigame. I have 80 Defence, 81 Strike, 88 Power, 77 Ranged and 70 Prayer if that helps for armour availability.

I'm P2P and will be for as long as I can foresee. Present-day Suggestions: Runecrafter Robes, Trouble Brewing Outfits, White/Proselyte armour, Skeletal armour, Third age - Perhaps if I get some luck with GWD:madsing: (White) Infinity Robes - I like this, and I will probably use it. Time to spare a few more Mil. I like this too, but it is a little expensive:-RRB- It'd be wonderful to save up.

I don't want them to raise the skills to 120, this is pure speculation. Jagex has said that Dungeoneering goes to 120 because they couldn't fit it into 99 levels, and they have no strategies for raising the caps on additional skills. Naturally, everyone is speculating about when other abilities will get increased to 120. Although initially opposed to this idea, I realized that many abilities are getting to Old School RuneScape Gold be simpler and easier to train, which may be part of the rationale for if they do increase other abilities to 120. Below, I explore some skills that may or may not get raised.