Just take the new yellows that they create and breed them

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Just take the new yellows that they create and breed them

Diagonal should do the Animal Crossing Bells job also! They just need to be touching:-RRB- try isolating every set to make sure that two reds or 2 yellows aren't accidentally breeding.

I've got about 50 or so red hybrids if you'd like them!! Roses were my native blossom, therefore I went totally ham on these lol

I am just a blue rose away. I am just waiting on my yellow and pink combos to produce a red and then replicate it and wait for that sweet sweet 1% chance. I am intentionally not performing any method which requires testing.

Fantastic luck! It took me two months without time traveling. I really got my blue roses out of my"losers" that bred in the hybrid reds so don't throw them off!

The purples are driving me mad

I'm having the hardest time with blue roses it's the ONLY flowers I haven't bred, and I've a few unique reds I water them everyday too, pray for me

Have you tried visiting someone else's Nook store? Every player's Nook shop has a different blend of three flower species. Two are your island's most"native" and"sister" blossoms, and the third overlaps from month to month.

Breed yellow and red mums (both from seeds) together.

Just take the new yellows that they create and breed them. They can make any colour, but the important colors they produce are purple (25% chance) and green (6.25% chance).

If no green, keep breeding until you get a green or a purple.

When you receive a purple, then clone it and breed the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items two purple together for a 25 percent chance at producing a green.